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Women in Motion and Fisheye Magazine
susan meiselas
Jul 18, 2023
The fourth part of the collaboration with Kering and its Women In Motion Prize – promoting and encouraging women photographers – the Fisheye special issue dedicated to Susan Meiselas is available on newsstands.

"In the work of Susan Meiselas, each image opens a reflection on several creative, sensitive and existential universes. Sensing from the start of her career as a photographer the unusual chameleon-like capacity of photography to mutate its meaning according to the social, political and temporal context from which we speak and look, Susan Meiselas has integrated this ambiguity into her artistic and photographic research.

In a recent interview with Florian Ebner and Julie Jones, curators of the photography department of the centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Susan Meiselas perfectly summed up the vision that, with different strategies, underlies her reflexive approach to photography: “I started thinking not only of the ’frame’ of a photograph but about the ’frameworks’ I could create to allow photographs to be reconsidered”.

In this way, Meiselas deliberately avoids the isolated operation of a photographic project or an image, in order to construct choral and complex ways of thinking about and bearing witness to life, with its harmonies and discrepancies, interpreted in different voices and in different spaces of time."

- Marta Gili, Fisheye
Susan Meiselas dévoilée dans le hors-série Fisheye et Women in Motion
Première lauréate du Prix Women In Motion lancée par Kering en 2019, Susan Meiselas fait l’objet de ce nouveau hors-série Fisheye. Une œuvre pléthorique.

Susan Meiselas

Susan Meiselas is a documentary photographer and President of the Magnum Foundation
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