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The Baffler: On the Bally
susan meiselas
Nov 8, 2022
The Baffler: On the Bally

"Susan Meiselas divests sex work of fantasy and shows it to be what it is: women working a job.

The most real thing, other than the money, is the women who work in these shows. What do they make of it? How do they negotiate embodying someone else’s fantasy each summer, in the season between their other jobs as secretaries, waitresses, housewives, strip club workers?

This is what Susan Meiselas, as a young documentary photographer, set herself to find out."

- Jessie Kindig, The Baffler
On the Bally | Jessie Kindig
Susan Meiselas’s “Carnival Strippers” disabuse the viewer of any fantasies we might have about sex work.

Susan Meiselas

Susan Meiselas is a documentary photographer and President of the Magnum Foundation
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